What I am doing now

Psychedelic Practice & Ways of Looking

4 December 2020

I propose the term 'psychedelic practice' to describe the skillful use of psychedelic substances in the context of dedicated meditation practice. I also propose that Rob Burbea's ways-of-looking paradigm (Seeing that Frees, 2014) is a potent conceptual framework for understanding, exploring, and refining psychedelic practice. I am currently preparing a short theoretical paper to introduce the term psychedelic practice to the academic literature. If you are interested in discussing this topic, please send me an email. 

IMPRINT update

30 November 2020

More than 450 meditators have already completed the survey. This will be the largest study to date on meditators' relationship with psychedelics.

Metta and jhana retreat

22 November 2020

I've just completed a 7-day silent retreat at home. I feel blessed to have been virtually supported by a group of dedicated samadhi connoisseurs. What does sangha look like in the internet age, in the midst of a pandemic? I think this is an important and exciting inquiry that carries implications for meditators and non-meditators alike. How can we cultivate a sense of community and create-discover shared narratives in the face of hypercomplex global challenges? Can zoom rooms function as dharma halls? It's time to be creative.  

Launch of IMPRINT

15 November 2020

The IMPRINT survey is now online. We're investigating the relationship between meditation practice, psychedelic use, and personality traits. Please share the study with your networks. Anyone with a regular meditation practice can partake - no psychedelic experience is required for participation. Here is the link to the landing page: www.ways-of-looking.com

Bye-bye, Twitter

10 November 2020

I've deleted my social media accounts. I will use this "And now?" page to post regular updates on my research projects as well as musings from my personal life and practice.