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Below is a list of selected publications. For a complete list of publications and preprints, please visit my Google Scholar profile. I try to ensure that all my research is open access. If you cannot access an article, please contact me and I will provide a PDF.

UK medical students’ self-reported knowledge and harm assessment of psychedelics and their application in clinical research: a cross-sectional study

Charlie Song-Smith, Edward Jacobs, James Rucker, Matthew Saint, James Cooke, & Marco Schlosser (2024)

BMJ Open, 14(3), e083595.


An 18-month meditation training selectively improves psychological well-being in older adults: A secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial 

Marco Schlosser, Olga M. Klimecki, Fabienne Collette, Julie Gonneaud, Matthias Kliegel, Natalie L. Marchant, Gaël Chételat, Antoine Lutz, for the Medit-Ageing Research Group (2023)

PLOS ONE, 18(12), e0294753.

Effect of an 18-Month meditation training on regional brain volume and perfusion in older adults: The Age-Well randomized clinical trial

Gael Chételat, Antoine Lutz, Olga Klimecki, Eric Frison, Julien Asselineau, Marco Schlosser, ... Natalie L. Marchant; for the Medit-Ageing Research Group (2023)

JAMA Neurology, 79(11), 1165-1174.

The effects of mindfulness-based programs on cognitive function in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Tim Whitfield, Thorsten Barnhofer, Rebecca Acabchuk, Avi Cohen, Michael Lee, Marco Schlosser, ... Antoine Lutz, Sara W. Lazar, David Vago & Natalie L. Marchant (2022)

Neuropsychology Review, 1-26.

Measuring psychological mechanisms in meditation practice: Using a phenomenologically grounded classification system to develop theory-based composite scores

Marco Schlosser, Thorsten Barnhofer, Florence Requier, Yacila I. Deza-Araujo, Oussama Abdoun, Natalie L. Marchant, Gaël Chételat, Fabienne Collette, Olga M. Klimecki, Antoine Lutz, for the Medit-Ageing Research Group (2022)

Mindfulness, 13(3), 600-614.

Unpleasant meditation-related experiences in regular meditators: Prevalence, predictors, and conceptual considerations

Marco Schlosser, Terje Sparby, Sebastjan Vörös, Rebecca Jones, & Natalie L. Marchant (2019)

PLOS ONE, 14(5), e0216643.

Support for midlife anxiety diagnosis as an independent risk factor for dementia: a systematic review

Amy Gimson, Marco Schlosser, Jonathan D Huntley, & Natalie L Marchant (2018)

BMJ Open, 8(4), e019399.

Effectiveness of traditional meditation retreats: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Bassam Khoury, Bärbel Knäuper, Marco Schlosser, Kimberly Carrière, & Alberto Chiesa (2017)

Psychosomatic Research, 92, 16-25.

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