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For a full list of publications and preprints, please visit my Google Scholar profile. 


Most recent

Effects of Meditation Training and Non-Native Language Training on Cognition in Older Adults: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial. [read]

Demnitz-King, H., Requier, F., Whitfield, T., Schlosser, M., ... & Marchant, N. L. (2023). JAMA Network Open.

Effect of an 18-Month Meditation Training on Regional Brain Volume and Perfusion in Older Adults: The Age-Well Randomized Clinical Trial. [read]

Chételat, G., Lutz, A., Klimecki, O., Frison, E., Asselineau, J., Schlosser, M., ... & Marchant, N. L. (2022). JAMA Neurology

The effect of mindfulness-based programs on cognitive function in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis. [read]

Whitfield, T., Barnhofer, T., Acabchuk, R., Cohen, A., Lee, M., Schlosser, M., ... & Marchant, N. L. (2022). Neuropsychology Review.

Measuring psychological mechanisms in meditation practice: Using a phenomenologically grounded classification system to develop theory-based composite scores. [read]

Schlosser, M., Barnhofer, T., Requier, F., Deza-Araujo, Y. I., Abdoun, O., Marchant, N. L., Chételat, G., Collette, F., Klimecki, O.M., & Lutz, A. (2022). Mindfulness. 

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