I work on the Medit-Ageing Project. We have completed a large randomised trial to investigate the effects of an 18-month meditation training on brain and mental health in the ageing population (protocol: Poisnel et al. 2018). I am currently working on manuscripts that evaluate the effects of our intervention on psychological well-being. Relatedly, we are assessing the impact of meditation practices on psychological and neuronal processes in meditators who have practiced for more than 10,000 hours (protocol: Lutz et al. 2018). My research has also included the study of meditation-related difficulties and ways to address theoretical, methodological, and clinical issues that arise in the context of such difficulties (Schlosser et al. 2019).

Psychedelics & Meditation

I am leading the IMPRINT project (Integrating Meditation and Psychedelic Research Initiative) and exploring psychedelic- and psychotherapy-assisted meditation training. You can find more details in this talk, this abstract, and this interview. At UCL, I have co-supervised BSc and MSc dissertation projects that focussed on psychedelic-assisted therapy.