As part of the European Medit-ageing group, I contribute to developing frameworks for understanding and investigating meditation practices.


We are currently completing a large randomised trial to investigate the effects of an 18-month meditation training on brain and mental health in the ageing population (protocol: Poisnel et al. 2018).


We are also trying to understand the impacts of mindfulness and compassion meditation on brain, cognitive, and ​emotional processes in expert meditators (protocol: Lutz et al. 2018).

My research has included the study of meditation-related difficulties and ways to address theoretical, methodological, and clinical issues that arise in the context of such difficulties (Schlosser et al. 2019).

I am also leading a research project on regular meditators' relationship to psychedelics and on the link between personality traits and meditation practice preferences (IMPRINT survey).

I regularly review manuscripts on meditation research. Scientific journals have included Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, Mindfulness, Plos One, and the Journal of Consciousness Studies.


As part of the Marchant Lab at UCL, I investigate psychological risk factors for dementia. In particular, I am interested in the relationship between repetitive negative thinking and Subjective Cognitive Decline (Schlosser et al. 2020a) and in lifestyle habits that may reduce repetitive negative thinking (Schlosser et al. 2020b).


We are currently completing an international, randomised trial to test if an 8-week mindfulness-based intervention can support healthy ageing in individuals with Subjective Cognitive Decline (protocol: Marchant et al. 2018).