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I am part of the European Medit-Ageing Project, which investigates the effects of meditation training on brain and mental health in older adults and includes the largest randomised trial of meditation training conducted to date (Chételat et al., 2022, Schlosser et al., 2022). Relatedly, we are assessing the impact of meditation training in individuals who have practiced for more than 10,000 hours (protocol: Lutz et al. 2018). My research has also included the study of meditation-related difficulties and ways to address theoretical, methodological, and clinical issues that arise in the context of such difficulties (Schlosser et al. 2019).

Psychedelics & Meditation

I lead the IMPRINT project (Integrating Meditation and Psychedelic Research Initiative) and explore psychedelic- and psychotherapy-assisted meditation training. You can find more details in this talk, this abstract, and this interview. The first results from the IMPRINT project will be published in 2024. At UCL, I have supervised BSc and MSc dissertation projects focussing on psychedelic-assisted therapy (e.g., Kałużna et al., 2022).

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